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Forever Eden

FOREVER EDEN follows a small group of people willing to take an indefinite break from their everyday lives to experience the opportunity of a lifetime by living together in a luxurious, tropical-resort setting. But this Eden has its own version of the serpent, guaranteeing that things aren’t always what they seem. Each week they remain in Eden, contestants will accrue more earnings, but the only way to keep their winnings is to remain in paradise, which has a price. They need to avoid eviction and their desire to return to civilization. Meanwhile, surprises and twists are around every corner. Secrets may be revealed and additional guests may show up unannounced, making waves in what they thought would be peaceful waters.


1. Please be respectful to all members. Discussion is encouraged but flaming is not. It's understood that it's hard to keep drama between members out of a community and you are free to post what you feel but please try to keep it tasteful.

2. Please use an lj-cut if you're posting big or multiple images (these include screencaps, magazine scans, icons, etc.).

3. Please use an lj-cut if you're posting ANYTHING that could possibly spoil parts of the show before it's been aired. If it's already been aired for you, feel free to post publically but for those of you that watch the show later, try staying away from the community for a few hours until after you watch it so it won't get spoiled for you.

4. Advertising other communities IS allowed here, although the communities must relate to FOREVER EDEN, PARADISE HOTEL, the cast/crew of either two shows, or FOX. Otherwise, your post will be deleted.

The little extra bit of effort that it will take to follow these rules will be much appreciated by those of us who have a slow internet connection, who don't want the show spoiled for us, etc.

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